Learning has never been so much fun!

Board game for family, where besides endless fun and competition between players your kids :

  • Master the alphabet
  • Develop reading skills
  • Manage money

 Suitable for:
- Preschool children ages 5 and up;
- Children about to begin Primary school or currently attending 1st grade;
- Children from 4 years of age, who are only beggining to learn colors and letters.

Variety of colorful elements makes learning an adventure!

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If you land on one of the colored game fields, you'll receive letter cards that can be used to cover up the leters in your Word cards 

1. By using exchange card you can change it to other letter card
2. Sell to other player, if someone need's it. 
But remember: First player who has all letter covered on Word cards is The game winner. Selling is not always best thing to do...

How to play "TANGOO"?